ME21 NEWS (2013-2018)

CD release


Como una ola de fuerza y luz is the culmination of Luigi Nono‘s politically engaged compositional phase, while …..sofferte onde serene…  marks the beginning of a subtle and serene new aesthetic orientation. Both works are presented here in highly expressive interpretations that give special attention to the tape parts, revealing many previously unheard sonic materials. Significantly, the recording of …..sofferte onde serene… uses a newly produced reconstruction of the original stereo tape, which has not been available since Maurizio Pollini’s first recording.

Composed after a period of profound study of Nono’s sketches and compositional techniques, Paulo de Assis‘s unfolding waves… con luigi nono (2012) is a reflection on “listening” through the exploration of multiple temporalities, fragmented timbres, indiscernible sounds, and labyrinthine movements of sound in space.


Luigi Nono
Como una ola de fuerza y luz for soprano, piano, orchestra and tape
1. Invocation and lamentation of Luciano 06:32
2. Luciano’s presence in his absence 09:02
3. The Long March 09:59
4. Collective explosion in the certainty of Luciano’s absence 04:45
Luigi Nono
5. ….. sofferte ond serene … 13:55
Paulo de Assis
6. unfolding waves… con luigi nono for orchestra and three instrumental groups 14:08
Total Time: 58:47

Presentation at P.A.R.T.S.

Lucia D’Errico has been invited by Orpheus Institute research fellow dr. Luk Vaes to give a presentation at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) in Brussels. The research project Powers of Divergence has been presented to the students of the programme of the Advanced Research Studios.

The Dark Precursor

The two volumes of the book The Dark Precursor, edited by Paulo de Assis and Paolo Giudici, have been published by Leuven University Press. The forty-eight chapters in this publication present a kaleidoscopic view of different fields of knowledge and artistic practices, exposing for the first time the diversity and richness of a world situated between artistic research and the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari